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Packaging design

Packaging design












Projects of excellence to add value and competitiveness:

  • packaging and graphic design

  • mockup 

  • point of purchase (POP) and promotion

  • brand

  • marketing advisor

  • communication

  • web design

  • action and defense of the trade dress

  • Taylor made projects


Since 1987.


Projects export for more

than 45 countries:

Americas, Europe and Asia.


"Integration among client, supplier, and design is the beginning of a promising and winning project.”

We get involved in the client’s business to meet their project needs, suited to their reality and that of their suppliers, keeping deadlines and budgets, generating outcomes and bringing forth reliability, besides adding value to the brand, leveling knowledge, and bringing new experiences and information to add value to the company – Speranzini’s permanent objectives since its foundation through to our days. 


Speranzini is Gold and Silver by

Tetra Pak Graph Quality Award


"What pays is the set of your results!"

What you see in a package or any piece is its look; however, getting this far took a lot of... time, knowledge, research, field study, point of sales, similar companies, consumer’s shopping behavior, communication, legal and mandatory sayings, colors, shapes, life cycle, materials, sustainability, technology, focus, and the company’s and their suppliers’ reality objectives. 

Design project has objective, term, perceived value and results for shareholders.

Inah Olyntho

Inh Olyntho da Speranzini Design
Art Director. Industrial Design degree from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Throughout her career, she created for Aurora, Bayer/France, Central Market (HEB Group), Cimed, Coco do Vale, Del Valle, Danone, Ebba (Dafruta e Maguary), Itaueira (Rei, Cepi, Magali, Turma da Mônica), Jose Cuervo and 1800, Kimberly Clark, Kopenhagen, Kraft, Mili, Nutriday and Nutrilar, Nestlê (Kids), Ontex (Cremer + Pom Pom), Pepsi (Gatorade), Pernod Ricard, Scott, Unilever (Ades, Carte D'Or, Doriana, Kibon, Knorr/Cica).


Mauricicio Speranzini da Speranzini Design
General Director. Administrator degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Post-Graduation in Marketing (FGV). Writer, speaker, MBA teacher. Board Member and Design Committee coordinator at ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association. Executive at consumption and packaging companies. Attended to Antarctica, Aurora, Bayer/France, Central Market (HEB Group), Cimed, Coco do Vale, Ebba (Dafruta e Maguary), Itaueira (Rei, Cepi, Magali, Turma da Mônica), Jose Cuervo e 1800, Mili, Nutriday e Nutrilar, Ontex (Cremer + Pom Pom), Red Bull, Scott, UCI MTB, Unilever (Carte D'Or e Gradina).
Speranzini design de embalagens
Speranzini design de embalagens
Wishing to develop quality projects, optimize resources, and have results?

Speranzini has been creating value with design since 1987
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